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Founded in 2009 Old Town Paranormal Investigations (OTPI) is a group of investigators
and researchers seeking to help individuals, homeowners, and business owners who
believe that they may have experienced paranormal activity. Our goal is to help answer
questions by conducting a scientific investigation using current technology while
following established paranormal research protocol and procedures. We believe that a
complete investigation should include several components. This includes the review of
personal experiences, a comprehensive scientific investigation, and the research of
related historical facts and/or occurrences. We seek to rule out environmental,
emotional, and psychological causes as part of our research. We are not spiritualists and
do not employ the services of psychics, mediums or conduct seances including the use of
Ouija Boards. Although our main goal is to assist our clients, we also endeavor to gather
credible scientific evidence in order to contribute to the field of parascience.

We strive to guarantee the complete confidentiality of the client. All paranormal evidence
including photographs, videos, audio recordings and investigative reports which are
gathered during an investigation will not be released or published without first receiving
permission of the client.

We are a not-for-profit organization so that our services to the client is completely free of
charge. While we believe that our investigation could yield evidence that is both credible
and accurate it is up to the client to accept it as evidence that may support or deny the
existence of any paranormal activity.

We welcome the opportunity to conduct an investigation. Please browse around our
website for further information.

Thank you for your interest in Old Town Paranormal Investigations.
Temecula, California - circa. 1905
Where ever there is history, we find tragedy. Where ever we find tragedy,
we find indications of those who may have 'unfinished business".
Old Town Paranormal Investigations