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"While much is too strange to be believed, nothing is
too strange to have happened." - Thomas Hardy

OTPI recommends to our potential clients to keep a journal of observations that may be
related to paranormal activity. Keeping a journal for 60 - 90 days and then reviewing your
observations may assist in the decision to contact an investigative group. The journal should
be kept close at hand with notations made soon after any observed activity. As a guide, the
journal should contain notations regarding the following:

- Date & time of any observed activity.
- Location of the activity.
- People present at the time of the activity (include gender & age).
- If you have pets, the location of the pets at the time of the activity.
- Type of activity (sound, smell, sensation, movement, etc.).
- Description of the activity including length of activity.
- Physical state of the observer (sleepy, just work up, standing, sitting, moving, etc.).
- Lighting conditions at the time of the observed activity.
- Any other environmental observation that may assist in a potential investigation
(temperature, weather conditions, etc.).

This information most often assists a potential client in the decision to contact a group.
Additionally the observations are very useful in the investigative process. As an example, the
observations can help in determining if the observed activity is intelligent or residual in
nature. Once you have decided you would like to pursue an investigation, we are available
for you.
Note: OTPI does not engage in cleansings or other 'spirit' removals. We recommend that you
contact your clergy, health professional, or other paranormal specialist. We are a research and
investigative team that uses science based protocal in our final analysis and determination.