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EMFs & Paranormal Activity
E.M.F. (Electromagnetic field) detectors are a key piece of equipment needed to conduct a
thorough and credible investigation. All matter is composed of electrical particles (electrons,
protons, and neutrons, and all electrical charges are surrounded by a magnetic field. Together,
these electrical charges and magnetic fields create measurable electromagnetic energy.
Electromagnetic energy fields are commonly called EMFs. Even the human body is surrounded
by a weak electromagnetic field. Normally, higher EMF emissions are created whenever
man-made electrical power flows through a wire, conductor, or appliance. These
electromagnetic fields cannot be seen, felt, or heard, but they are present in and around all
electric lines and devices. EMF meters easily detect and identify the higher energy fields
surrounding electrical equipment because man-made fields remain constant.

Paranormal investigators are interested in detecting the fluctuations and relative strengths of
EMF fields. The main theory being that a paranormal entity will manifest itself or otherwise
make its presence known by taking energy (electromagnetic) from its surroundings. Paranormal
electromagnetic fields tend to be erratic and fluctuate in strength rather than remain constant
like man-made EMFs. They also occur where there is no obvious man made source of EMF such
as a house with the electricity turned off.


- Be sure that a fresh battery is in the EMF detector. Carry another battery also. New
batteries have known to mysteriously drain during an investigation.

- Familiarize yourself with the functions of the EMF detector prior to conducting a sweep.

- The EMF detector will identify cell phone transmissions. Cell phones must be turned off or
placed in a ‘plane’ mode prior to conducting a sweep.

- Be sure to write down the investigator(s), time, and sweep location at the beginning of each
EMF sweep.

- Conduct the sweep in a slow, methodical motion. Swift movements will cause the EMF
detector to register a false reading. The actual reading should occur when the meter is not in

- Conduct a sweep of the entire investigation area to obtain a 'base' reading. The base reading
will used to compare subsequent fluctuations against during the EMF sweep.

- Use 2 EMF detectors as a ‘check and balance system’ after a potential paranormal energy
field has been located.

- The meter should be used in conjunction with cameras, audio and video recorders. When
anomalous EMFs are detected the investigator should take photos, record audio, or shoot video
in hopes of documenting an anomaly.

- KII meters when used as a spiritual communication device should be videotaped during the
‘question and answer’ session.

- KII meters have been known to register readings in the presence of cell phones, hand held
walkie talkies, and wi-fi routers. Precautions should be taken to identify and turn off these
devices before an EMF sweep is conducted.
The procedures and techniques referenced are those that have been proven to work for
Old Town Paranormal Investigations. They are provided as a guide only and should not be
inferred as the only protocol possible. We believe that you may be able to use what has
been presented when determining what works for your own research and investigations.