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Having grown up in Central California I recall hearing ghost stories related to the
abandoned mining camps and towns of the Gold Country. My life long interest in history has
lead me to believe in the overwhelming influence that the past has over the present. As a
result, I believe that there is a direct connection with the history of a site and the
paranormal activity experienced at it. My recent personal experiences at a local historical
site have cemented that belief even more.

It is this interest that has led me to paranormal investigation. I have always been fascinated
in the scientific method and science in general. My degrees in physical science & business
administration coupled with my experience as a data and systems analyst for an
information technology company have helped me develop my analytical, critical thinking,
and research skills over the years. To contact Dale, click here.
Dale G.
Founder, Lead
Investigator & Webmaster
Craig N.
Co-Founder & Lead
I have had a passion for the paranormal ever since I was a young boy. At that time I had
some experiences that, to this day, I will never forget. These experiences have intrigued me
and have lead me to research the paranormal every opportunity I have.

In my professional occupation I am a Senior Model Maker at a medical device company in
Southern California. Every day I have to use logic, common sense, and the ability to
carefully analyze materials and these skills carry over to when I am involved in paranormal

I have experienced additional paranormal activities in a condo which I lived in when I was in
my early 20ís. These experiences heightened my curiosity and led me to read and research
as much about the paranormal as possible. I am pleased to be part of the Old Town
Paranormal Investigations team and I look forward to researching and investigating many
more unexplained paranormal events in Southern California and beyond. To contact Craig,
click here.
Andy has been interested in the paranormal for the past 6 years. He has a natural
curiosity and is very open minded, traits that suit him well during investigations. His
experience in extreme sports videography coupled with his past media position at a
national electronics store serves as a strong foundation as our tech specialist. Andy is a
graduate of Cal State Fullerton and lives in San Diego. He currently is working as a team
manager for an Internet based marketing company. He is a very skilled investigator and
is great to be around.
Andrew "Andy" G.
Reserve Investigator
When I was a child I had convinced myself that my jacket on the chair was moving. I
knew it wasn't but my mind made it look like it was.

Over the years I have learned a lot about what our brain can do, making me skeptical
to the paranormal. I need to see physical 'in your face' evidence of the paranormal, it
has to be indisputable and unexplainable. I have developed a critical eye making me
a natural at discerning the evidence.
Colleen G.
Evidence Analyst
Stephanie S.
Equipment Tech & Investigator
Like most children I loved a good ghost story, however the stories started becoming reality at
a very early age. My curious nature and fascination with the paranormal started to grow with
each new personal experience. As I grew and spoke with others about their experiences and
beliefs the fascination grew into a passion. This passion has led me on a journey to document
the unexplained phenomena that many of us shrug off as "the mind playing tricks on us".

I have traveled the country in my 15 years of nursing working in many different types of
medical facilities. Through these experiences I have learned to adapt quickly to new
environments. This has allowed me to improve my interpersonal skills, and honed my
assessment, analytical, and critical thinking skills.

To contact Stephanie, click here.