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Craig and Dale founded Old Town Paranormal
Investigations in 2009 out of a shared interest in
those things between "heaven and earth" that
cannot be easily explained.

Besides sharing a interest in paranormal
research, Craig and Dale are brother-in-laws. As
brother-in-laws they have a trust in each other's
observations and analysis of collected data that
gives them a unique perspective.

Dale has degrees in physical science and
business administration coupled with experience
as a database and systems analyst for an
information technology company. His professional
occupation has helped him develop analytical,
critical thinking, and research skills which is
applied to his investigative research.

Craig's professional occupation is as a Senior
Model Maker for a Fortune 500 medical device
company located in Southern California. In his
occupation he daily uses logic, common sense,
and possesses the ability to carefully analyze
materials. All of his unique skills carryover to the
field of paranormal research.
Craig (left) and Dale at the Rancho Buena Vista Adobe.
Craig and Dale welcome the opportunity to share their knowledge of investigative
techniques with those who are new to the field of paranormal research.